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About the journal MM Industrial Spectrum

MM Průmyslové spektrum is a journal of mechanical engineering providing current technical information from the Czech Republic as well as from abroad, news of trade fairs and exhibitions, information on trends in scientific and technical development, reviews, interviews and many other interesting points. It also focuses on specific areas related to the management and financing of industrial companies.

The journal is intended for middle and higher company management, designers and technologists, importers and exporters, workers in research and development as well as teachers and students of universities and secondary technical schools.

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Published in the Czech Republic since 1997, MM Industrial Spectrum is a technical monthly journal specializing in mechanical engineering. It primarily provides information on current domestic and international trends in specific branches of the field, with an emphasis on production and practical application. Other areas of interest include the latest developments in scientific and technical research, issues concerning the management and financing of industrial enterprises, interviews with interesting people, reviews, information on trade fairs and exhibitions, matters of technical interest and others.

The journal is intended for middle and higher company management, designers and technologists, importers and exporters, workers in research and development as well as teachers and students of universities and secondary technical schools.


Basic facts

Circulation: The average circulation of the journal is 9,000 copies. A part of the circulation is intended for the Slovak market.

Periodicity: 10 issues annually

Distribution: Journal issues focusing on a specific topic are distributed directly to the users of given products (direct mailing).

Price per copy: 75 CZK



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Technical articles MM Industrial Spectrum offers to publish your technical articles entirely free of charge. The only condition is a high technical standard of the article.

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Journal's readership

The following is evident from the results of the surveys Decision-makers in mechanical engineering and Readers in the field of mechanical engineering, carried out by the GFK Praha-Media company:

• MM Industrial Spectrum is the most widely read journal of mechanical engineering in the Czech Republic.
• One issue of the MM Industrial Spectrum is on average read by 25,000 mechanical engineers with decision-making powers. The journal has a high number of loyal readers.
• They are often company directors (managing, sales or technical directors) or managers reporting directly to the director.
• They are in charge of managing other workers. 51 % of them manage 15 and more subordinate workers.
• They are decision-makers or they participate significantly in the decision-making process (69%).
• As for products, they make decisions in particular about machinery, technology and accessories (80%).
• Most often they work in companies specializing in metal production, metal processing, metal surface finishing and metal products manufacturing.
• More than 60 % of the readers are university educated.
• Almost 70 % have technical education.


Mechanical engineering portals

www.mmspektrum.coma general portal on mechanical engineering, professional news from the field, an electronic version of the MM Industrial Spectrum journal, article archive, alphabetically arranged articles based on nomenclature, key word search etc.

www.digitovarna.cz – a portal specializing in software for mechanical engineering, articles on related topics, samples and demo versions of programs, company presentations etc.

www.cnckonstrukce.cz- a specialized portal intended especially for designers of CNC machine tools. It includes presentations of machine tool builders and component suppliers and discussion forums, which serve as a communication platform for addressing issues in designing.


MM (Maschinenmarkt)

is a brand with more than a 120-year-long tradition. Journals bearing this logo are nowadays published in other European and Asian countries as well. The Czech MM Industrial Spectrum collaborates closely with its partner journals, and thus enables the promotion of Czech companies all over the world.

As for the topic, each issue of the journal focuses on two to three specific areas of mechanical engineering and attempts to chart their most recent development. Particular areas of interest include:

• Machining technology and components;
• Cutting tools and materials;
• CAx systems;
• Metal forming;
• New machines and technologies in the area of plastic processing;
• Metal casting, progressive materials in mechanical engineering;
• Metallurgy;
• Joining and parting of material;
• Automation of manufacturing processes;
• Electrical engineering, measurement and control;
• New trends in surface finishing;
• Cleansing and degreasing agents;
• Pumps and armatures, hydraulics;
• Quality management and metrology;
• Air-conditioning, pneumatics and compressors;
• Environmental protection, waste and its use;
• Woodworking industry;
• Transmissions, bearings, drives and clutches;
• Lubricants, technical oils, and fluids.

These main topics make up approximately 60 % of the journal's content. The rest belongs to regular columns, such as Science and Research, Technology and Innovation, Interviews, Reviews etc. The focus of the articles is technical, not commercial. However, the aim is not to describe a given topic with a great level of detail, such as formulas, detailed descriptions etc.

The articles should serve the purpose of making a given topic more accessible as well as being the primary contact between the author, usually a leading expert in the field, and the reader. It has become well-established practice to give the interested reader the author's contact information. Journal issues focusing on a specific topic are distributed directly to the users of given products (direct mailing), which enables us to target potential readers effectively both by the article content and advertising.

The success of this strategy is attested not only by the position of our journal among our competitors, but also by a high circulation of 27,500 copies per issue on average.

For more information go to www.maschinenmarkt.vogel.de.

To a large extent the readers appreciate the special monothematic publications, which are issued under the name MM Special. So far, we have released the following special professional publications – „High speed machining“, „Modern cutting tools and tool materials“, „Designing the CNC machining equipment“, „Materials for cutting equipment“, „Management of risks in the design of production machines“ and „Designing the CNC machining equipment (extended edition)“.

Risk management in production machine design

Authors: Jiří Hlinovský in memoriam, Prof. Marek, Blecha, PhD., Prof. Mareček

The technical guarantor of the book is the Czech Trade Inspection Authority, department of the methodology of production machine technical inspection.
This 92-page book is intended for CNC machine tool designers and users as well as for teachers and students of mechanical and electrical engineering faculties. The publication is being offered as a bonus to new subscribers.

Thanks to the financial contribution of the companies presented in the book, it is now being offered at a dumping price of mere 103 CZK (+ postage of 89 CZK).

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The book's contents:

1 Authors' introduction
1.1 Risk management from the perspective of an inspection body
2 Fundamental terms in the risk management field according to Hlinovský
3 A historical concept of risk management according to Hlinovský
3.1 Meaning, philosophy and strategy of risk management
3.2 Risk management as a system and process
3.3 Risk identification
3.4 Risk analysis
3.5 Risk evaluation
3.6 Risk assessment
3.7 Risk treatment
4 Directives and standards for risk management
4.1 On legal system in general
4.2 EC directives
4.3 Free movement of goods
4.4 New approach and global approach
4.5 Machinery standards
4.6 Classification of machinery standards
4.7 Basic standards harmonised with directives on machinery safety issued by the European Parliament and the Council on Machinery
4.8 Machinery directives
5 Modified risk management of new machines
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Conformity assessment
5.3 CE marking and EC declaration of conformity
5.4 Directive 2006/42/EC
5.5 Directive 2006/95/EC
5.6 Directive 2004/108/EC
5.7 Selected methodological procedures in risk assessment
5.8 Risk analysis specification in harmonised standards
5.9 International standards and instructions
5.10 General principles of risk management
5.11 New modified risk management scheme
5.12 Summary
6 Risk management of operated machines
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Legislation for operated machines
6.3 An example of risk management for operated machines according to government regulation 378/2001
7 Environmental management and environmental risks
7.1 Environment and environmental management
7.2 Legal regulations on environmental protection
7.3 Integrated prevention
7.4 Voluntary tools of environmental protection
7.5 Environmental management system for engineering companies
7.6 Environmental risk of engineering companies
7.7 General requirements for the environmental safety of engineering companies


Servodrives in NC machine tools

Author: Assoc. Prof. Pavel Souček

Research Centre of Manufacturing Technology, Czech Technical University in Prague

II Introduction
IV Motors in feed drives
VIII Basic physical laws and limitations
X Current control
XII Motor heating
XIV Inserted gearboxes
XVIII Control
XXIII Coordination of two drives on a machine
XXVI Differences in controlling direct and electromechanical drives
XXVIII Influence of mechanical structure on control
XXXI Conclusion alias Is the error due to the machine tool or servodrive specialist?
XXXII Units of measurement

For an online version of the publication click here.

The supplement is part of the MM Industrial Spectrum journal No. 1 and 2/2012 (ISSN 1212-2572).

This publication may only be reproduced with the prior written consent of the editorial team. The source must be acknowledged and copyright respected.
For the online publication of Servodrives in NC machine tools click here.The field of positional servomechanisms (servodrives for the so-called cascade position control) makes use of a wide spectrum of physical knowledge of mechanics, heavy-current and light-current electrical engineering, communication technology and especially control theory. Control theory gradually developed into a separate branch of mathematics. Perhaps due to its wide scope, it is a relatively unpopular field of study, which is often unjustly associated with a number of complex aspects inspiring unnecessary respect. In the non-military area, servomechanisms reached the highest point of perfection in feed drives of NC machine path control. A visitor to an engineering exhibition may be impressed by the accuracy of tool control relative to a workpiece. The accuracy commonly reaches thousandths of millimetres at feed rates of tens of metres per minute. This can contribute to increasing the esteem in which this type of equipment is held. According to one of the doyens of the Czechoslovak research into machine tools Jaromír Zelený it is sufficient to understand several fundamental simple equations, which are mutually closely linked, in order to understand the functioning of servomechanisms.

It is also quite common to use the vague term of "mechatronic systems" for servomechanisms. This term is not entirely appropriate and is an indication of the negative trend of our modern times to use too general formulations. We will therefore hold on to the original term, which was used more than half a century ago by Prof. Zdeněk Trnka, PhD., a pioneer in this field in our country, in his outstanding and timeless textbook Servomechanisms. The publication Servodrives in NC machine tools is intended for readers who work in the field of NC machine tools, but drives are not their main specialisation. For this reason, the author aims to give a simple account of feed drive design, employing mathematics of a secondary school level rather than university level. However, some mathematical operations cannot be avoided. The author hopes that the reader will not be intimidated by terms such as derivate, integration, transfer, bandwidth etc. and he promises to use them in his text as little as possible. A more detailed and theoretical account can be found in the book Servomechanisms in Production Machines. Its brief and updated summary is presented in this publication. Although it is an unpopular topic, it is necessary to point out especially the last section of this supplement called Units of Measurement, which reminds the reader of the unity of natural sciences and shows that it is inappropriate to strictly divide the activities in developing NC machines between the professions of a mechanical and electrical engineer.


Materials for cutting tools

Author: Assoc. Prof. Anton Humár, Institute of Manufacturing Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Brno University of Technology

- hardback publication in the 175 x 205 mm format with a total of 240 pages. A total of seven sections with more than a hundred subsections deals in detail with particular types of cutting materials from the historical development to specific applications produced by current manufacturers of cutting tools and tooling materials. This book is being offered as a bonus to new subscribers.

Thanks to the financial contriution of the companies presented in the book, the book is now being offered at a dumping price of mere 125 CZK (+ postage of 89 CZK).

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Design of CNC Machine Tools

The book Design of CNC Machine Tools, which incorporates the web www.cnckonstrukce.cz, gives an account of the complex issues related to the design of CNC machine tools. Let us first consider the question of what the term design actually means. No other topic is discussed such much in manufacturing companies dealing with machine tool construction as the design department. The members of the design department are for some just utopian dreamers, for others initiators of development and for yet others those who spend the largest part of the owner's money.

Whatever the situation, this part of the company organism is essential. Without designers there can be no development, and consequently no innovation. Without innovation a company cannot survive. On the other hand, not even the best innovation is viable unless it can be sold, manufactured and at the end assembled. Likewise, design would not be possible without theoretical disciplines as well as basic and applied research.

Third edition and its innovative structure

The main author, professor Marek has again decided to remake the third edition completely and to give another structure to the book, the structure which shall comply with modern time. The book is understood as „Designing House of CNC Machine Tools“ and its particular sections are divided in this way too.

Introductory comments (Section 2) acquaint the reader with mechanical and industrial engineering. The essential terms are mentioned here which are necessary for technicians to be able to communicate with each other. The core of the term „CNC machine tools“ is also explained from the historical point of view. History of technical universities shows and proves the legitimacy of Brno designing school in the field of machine tools. This part also speaks about important Czech enterprises which participate in high repute of national machine tools.The essential designing assembly groups are parts which are common for all machine tool types and these are described in Section 3 (spindles, feeds, control systems, workpiece exchange and tool exchange, etc.).
Building stones for designing of a CNC machine tool, machining centres (Section 4), other CNC machine tools (Section 5) and CNC machine tools for special production (Section 6) are manufacturing means, without which no consumer product and even machine tools themselves can come into existence. As it is known, a machine tool is able to manufacture another machine tool. These sections present designs of national and international companies.
Section 7 mentions the value added for a user of machine tools. The indispensable book part is represented by the outline of development directions
(Section 8) and by the influence of global economics on this development. Everything is completed by practical knowledge obtained within
operation of machines (Section 9) and within the chip machining process.

Sections 1, 2 and 3 are foundations of an imaginary house which is called Designing of CNC Machine Tools. Sections 7, 8, 9 create the roof
of this imaginary house and its walls are represented by Sections 4, 5 and 6.

Prof. Jiří Marek, PhD, principal author

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Plastic parts of machines and equipment

A unique perspective of plastics from the point of view of their design applicability.


The publication was published gradually as a supplement of the MM Industrial Spectrum journal.

For an online version of the publication click here.


Awards for Lifelong Contribution to the Development of Czechoslovak Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineers' Hall of FameIn 2006 the editorial team of MM Industrial Spectrum decided to grant Awards for Lifelong Contribution to the Development of Czechoslovak Mechanical Engineering and introduce the award winners to Mechanical Engineers' Hall of Fame.

Our editorial team was led to the decision to establish this tradition by the fact that leading personalities in the field of mechanical engineering had previously not received any systematic public award.

Faculties of mechanical engineering, professional societies and associations regularly nominate personalities that have significantly influenced the modern history of the development of Czechoslovak engineering. An expert committee then selects the award winners, who are subsequently inducted to Mechanical Engineers' Hall of Fame by the editorial team of the MM Industrial Spectrum during the Gold Medal ceremonial evening at the Brno International Engineering Fair.

Gold Medal award for lifelong creative technical work and innovative activities achieved

In 2009 a complete change of concept was made in the awarding of the Gold Medals of Brno International Engineering Fair. A total of four medals started to be awarded. The first Gold Medal is awarded for an innovative exhibit that is the result of collaboration between companies and research institutions in the Czech Republic, the second Gold Medal is awarded for an energy efficient innovative exhibit and the third is awarded for innovative commercial products with no further limitations.

The fourth Gold Medal continues in the tradition of the Award for Lifelong Contribution to the Development of Czechoslovak Engineering, started by our editorial team. This fourth medal is characterized as the Gold Medal for lifelong creative technical work and innovative activities achieved.
Due to this change the award has acquired even more prestige and the award winners may enjoy even greater acclaim.

For a list of all award winners, click here.


MM Science Journal - peer-reviewed contributions of MM Industrial Spectrum

In view of the long-term lack of a peer-reviewed scientific journal for mechanical engineers from Central and Eastern Europe, we decided to establish a scientific part of the MM Industrial Spectrum. This journal focuses in particular on the fields of Engineering Design Science (especially applied), machine components and mechanisms, design of production machines and equipment (with a special focus on machine tools) and last but not least on automation, robotics as well as innovation and risk management.

Since May 2014 indexed in Scopus!

MM Science Journal is a scientific peer-reviewed journal with a focus in particular on the fields of Engineering Design Science (especially applied), machine components and mechanisms, design of production machines and equipment (with a special focus on machine tools) and last but not least on automation, robotics as well as innovation and risk management. The title is published in English.

It is our aim to start a well-established impacted journal in the English language for the above-mentioned scientific fields.

For more information go to www.mmscience.eu

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