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The best of technology Made in Taiwan

15. 11. 2023

This year, Taiwanese industry once again left a significant mark at the International Engineering Fair in Brno. 18 Taiwanese companies presented themselves in the Taiwanese pavilion. They participated in the fair with the support of the leading Taiwanese non-profit organization TAITRA, which supports the foreign trade. At the same time, a number of these companies could show off that their products received the prestigious Taiwan Excellence Award, which is a mark of the best quality Taiwanese products.

Smart, green, and high precision grinding solutions

15. 11. 2023

Kinik company is a specialized grinding wheel manufacturer, operating for over seventy years. The leadership of the company comes from the advantages of outstanding quality of service and integral infrastructure of the market channels. At the present stage, Kinik company is devoting to transiting into a high-value-added company based on its advantages in grinding and cutting.

Specialized on vertical lathes

15. 11. 2023

Honor Seiki was founded in 1987. For more than 35 years, the company has been focusing on vertical lathes and special purpose machines. Honor Seiki offers various high-performance solutions for customers in many industries, from wind mill to aerospace, precision bearing, valve, and hydrogen industry.

High-quality clamping systems for CNC machining

15. 11. 2023

ChumPower Machinery has been established for over 43 years in the chuck tool industry. Its customers are famous machine tool makers and metal manufacturers around the globe. ChumPower company’s products are all made in Taiwan, and produced by the company itself. Thanks to its advanced production equipments and abundant experience, the company is able to innovate in designing good products for customers and became the largest chuck manufacturer in Taiwan.

Computing power for smart industry

15. 11. 2023

One of the 18 companies that presented themselves at this year's International Engineering Fair (MSV) in Brno as part of the Taiwanese pavilion is the industrial computer manufacturer iBase Technology. In addition to designing and manufacturing rugged industrial computers, the company also provides complete design services that include hardware and software design, manufacturing, validation and after-sales care.

Robotizace se bez pojezdových drah neobejde

15. 11. 2023

Společnost Hiwin představila na letošním brněnském strojírenském veletrhu vysoce přesné, odolné a spolehlivé pojezdové dráhy pro průmyslové roboty.